Mission 3A Pilot Programs Includes


Comprehensive Software Access

Unlimited Usage: Exclusive Full access to M3A Healthcare Products with no additional fees or subscriptions.

24/7 Availability: Access the software anytime, anywhere. Manage your surgical practice effortlessly around the clock.


Structured Onboarding

Efficient Training Modules: Engage in concise, personalized onboarding trainings, designed for busy professionals.

Flexible Schedule: Implementation structured around your schedule to ensure a stress-free experience.


Continuous Enhancement

Regular Updates: The software is constantly evolving with new features and improvements for better performance.

Exclusive Features: Access to the latest tools and updates as part of the pilot program.


Exclusive Resources

Digital Toolkit: Comprehensive collection of downloadable guides, worksheets, and action plans tailored for surgical practices.

Surprise Bonuses: Receive unexpected gifts and bonus content to enhance your pilot program experience.


Practical and Applicable

Modern Solutions: Tools and methodologies developed specifically for the modern healthcare environment.

Real-World Application: Focus on practical strategies that can be implemented immediately in your practice.


Dedicated Support

Expert Assistance: Access to a dedicated support team, including a Client Success Coordinator for personalized guidance.

Responsive Help: Quick and efficient response to queries, ensuring you’re never far from the help you need.

Here’s what some of our pilot users have to say about our products:

“SurgerEase has become an indispensable organizational tool for my busy ObGyn surgical practice. I love always having my surgery schedule at my fingertips, updated in real time for the whole surgical team. The ability to keep surgical assistants and vendors in the loop has proven to be invaluable.”

- Dr. Greg Moore

“With these tools, what used to take 3 hours now only takes 15 minutes.”

- Dr. Andrew Whaley, Orthopedic Surgeon

"As a manager and surgical coordinator with 20 plus years of experience, SurgerEase helps ease the cumbersome process of surgery scheduling. I am able to notify vendors of upcoming cases, send pre-op and post-op instructions through e-mail and text our patients reminders of their upcoming procedure. Documentation is a breeze and my physician has his schedule available on his phone. I strongly recommend utilizing SurgerEase."

- B. Cano, ENT office manager

"Replicare will improve  access to the latest technologies for my patients."

- Milton León

"Replicare will improve medical device support and improve how physicians communicate with each other remotely."

- Jason Yoho

"Replicare will improve patient care,  no matter where you are geographically located."

- Drew Whaley

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